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Transform your Living Space with Perth Wall Alterations

At Perth Wall Alterations, we specialise in helping clients achieve the open-plan house of their dreams. However, it doesn't stop at interior wall removal and structural remodelling works!

Our family team of both registered builders and certified tradesmen are on-hand to support every phase of your house remodelling process.

That is to say, from submitting building applications to your local council to installing brand-new windows and doors, we can help your DIY renovation project run smoothly. Above all, we assure a price that works for you.

Therefore, when working with Perth Wall Alterations, you can feel reassured knowing everything is completed on time, on budget, and most importantly, of the highest quality.

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Your Trusted Interior Wall Removal And Alterations Specialist ... And So Much More

Alongside our internal wall alterations and structural wall removal services, we have a team of builders and tradesmen ready to accelerate your house remodelling project from start to finish

Pre-work Inspections

First, our registered builder will arrange on-site meeting to discover whether the internal wall you plan to remove or alter is load bearing and what structural works may be needed. Certainly, maintaining the structural integrity of your property is our top plan.

discuss wall-removal

Second, if a load bearing wall removal is planned, we will contact an engineer to calculate the size of the beams and/or posts before manufacturing them in our purpose-build factory. Further, the engineer will also recommend how to best support the wall during removal.

local council approval

Third, depending on the scale of the house remodelling, you may need to receive approval from your local council. Don't worry, we will communicate with them and submit the application, so you don't have to (with a copy available for you to refer back to in the future).

wall removal preparation

Fourth, leading up to the wall removal day, our team will assist in disconnecting all necessary plumbing and electrical outlets. In addition, you can also rely on us to protect your floors, countertops, and furniture to help provide seamless wall removal services with minimal impact.

day of wall removal

Fifth, when the time comes to remove or alter your interior wall, we will do everything in line with the structural engineer's recommendations. This includes supporting the wall, fitting new load bearing beams, and rebuilding the wall as desired.

doors & windows

Sixth, after the structural wall alterations and/or removal, our team will block off existing doors and windows or fit new ones (depending on your design plan). Moreover, we will also re-install the plumbing and electrical services so that your house can function properly again.

Final repairs

Further, our tradesmen will repair the altered interior wall however you desire, from quality plasterboard to rustic brick. We will also complete render and plaster and fix the ceilings and cornices and complete any outstanding tasks. In addition, we can even concrete fill step down concrete floors to bring them up to the new level.

Inspection & handover

Lastly, our builder will complete a final inspection of the house before removing any leftover debris and rubbish. Then, you will receive the certificate issued by the structural engineer and be asked to look around the house to officially approve the work and handover!

Can I Do An Internal Wall Removal By Myself?

It is always best to hire interior wall alterations and removal experts - here's why:

Firstly, changing the positioning and look of a wall may sound simple. However, if not done properly, this can seriously harm the structural integrity of your house. In short, anything may happen as a result of this, from mild damage to partial collapse.

Secondly, the issue is especially so if a load bearing wall is involved. Consequently, it needs some form of support installed in its place upon removal.

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Why Clients Love Perth Wall Alterations

What past clients have said about our internal wall alterations and structural wall removal services:

We recently had Perth Wall Alterations do a renovation for us. They transformed our lounge / dining area into two separate rooms. As a result, this created a direct entry from our garage to the house. We are ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with the job! The whole team did a fantastic job, and the price was reasonable. Certainly, less than what we had expected it to be. I highly recommend them for any renovation jobs you need done. 

– Tracey B 

You did a fantastic job in our home, being so professional, helpful, and friendly. Highly recommended your workmanship to anyone needling renovations. Well done!

-Nicky M

Travis and his team are very professional, friendly, and experienced. They have done amazing job for us and I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for renovation. We’ve been looked after from the pricing through to completion and they have gone extra mile in meeting our requirements.

-Mohammad D 

Ready To Book Your Structural Wall Removal?

We understand how busy DIY house remodelling can get , which is why our process is broken down into 3 simple steps:

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First, let us know about your wall removal needs via the form below. Then, a member of our team will get back to you with a cost estimate.

Step 2: Discuss Your Project

Second, schedule for one of our registered builders to visit your house. They will inspect which interior wall you intend to remove or alter.

Step 3: Book Perth Wall Alterations

Finally, once the cost and dates for your structural and/or load bearing wall removal have been agreed upon, we can get to work! 

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