• Are you Ready to Start Renovating and Need a Wall Removed or Relocated?

    We can help you kick start your own DIY renovation by removing or relocating walls to open up the space you need, or complete the entire renovation for you. As Registered Builders and Fully Insured, give us a call today or complete the online estimate request.

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  • It costs no more to use a Registered Builder and Certified Trademen. Perth Wall Alterations are Experienced and Highly Skilled in this Specialised Field and ensure all work is completed to the Highest Professional Standard, on Time and on Budget.

    Perth Wall Alterations is a unique Perth family owned business. We specialise in assisting DIY renovators in the removal of structural load and non load bearing walls. We can help turn your existing home into a modern contemporary open plan living design. Perth Wall Alterations not only remove walls, but also offer a complete home renovation service from design through to finished construction. We provide all the certified trades required individually tailored to your specific project. So all the hard work is done for you, call us or request an estimate today.

  • Complete On-Site Inspection

    Arrange a preliminary on-site meeting, a visual inspection will in most cases be sufficient to advise which walls are load bearing and require a structural beam installation - Non load bearing may be removed without a beam being installed, however some homes may require an additional post or pier to support the structural integrity of the home.

  • Engage Structural Engineer

    If a structural modification, we will engage a structural engineer to size the beams and posts, and establish the most appropriate method to support the structure during the wall removal process. Manufacture structural steel works in our factory to engineer's specifications.

  • Submit Plans for Building Approval of Works

    If the structural modifications to your home require local council building approval, we will liaise with your local council, draft and submit the application with a description of works. In your local council will have a copy of your original plans on file.

  • Job Preparation - Disconnection of Services - Floor and Dust Protection

    Arrange any disconnection and termination of associated plumbing or electrical services in preparation for the wall removal and demolition. As wall removal can be a messy affair, we will protect floors and provide dust protection during the demolition.

  • Demolition - Fit Beams and Supports - Rebuild and Fortify Walls

    The structure will be supported as recommended by the Structural Engineer's report, walls demolished and removed, new piers or posts installed, new load bearing beams or lintels fitted, new or existing walls re-built or fortified in brick or framed.

  • Fit, or Block in, Doors and Windows, Installation of Services

    Existing doors and windows can be blocked in after removal, or new doors and windows can be fitted as per the renovation design. Installation of relocated plumbing and electrical services.

  • Finish Repairs in Carpentry, Plastering of Walls and Ceilings

    Ceilings and walls repaired in plaster or gyprock. Carpentry repairs to frames and surrounds. Floors repairs in concrete or timber. Additional works can include tiling or painting and other finishes.

  • Site Clean - Job Completion and Sign Off

    Site clean, final builder inspection. Waste and rubbish removal. Issue Structural Engineer's certificate of inspection. Client inspection, sign off and handover.

  • Our History and Our Values

  • Skilled and Experienced

    Our skills, our knowledge, our experience and values are what stand us apart. We have over 16 years combined experience in the construction industry building single and two storey homes. From humble beginnings, we are qualified tradesmen who through hard work, study and many years of proven construction experience became Registered Builders and believe in maintaining personal face to face contact with our clients and contractors.

  • Exceptional Design, Construction and Customer Service

    We are creative and innovative. We come up with creative cost effective solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the call of duty as well as delivering exceptional customer service to our clients and contractors.

  • We Do What We Say

    We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics. We are transparent and ethical in all our interactions with personnel, clients, subcontractors and the public.We partner with our clients to deliver superior quality projects on time and on budget in a diligent, honest, reliable, efficient and collaborative manner.

  • Committed to Providing a Safe Working Environment

    Our number one value is the safety of our employees, subcontractors, owners, and the general public. Our works may include many hazardous tasks and conditions such as working with height, demolition, noise, dust, power tools and equipment. Every worker and visitor to the site has the right to enter a safe environment, and we ensure safety is our number one site priority

  • What else do we do?

    Kitchens - Bathrooms - Extensions - Renovations - Wall Alterations and more